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The contract Home Health Therapy field has been waiting for an answer to age-old problems stemming from pen and paper. Owners of Home Health Therapy Companies have learned the hard way when it comes to these problems - but not any longer. Dynamic Therapy Solution was built to streamline every aspect of the contract Home Health Therapy industry.

Have you ever spent hours delivering invoices and paperwork to Nursing Companies, or came home after treating patients... only to spend hours filing, faxing and finishing up for the day. So have we. Since Dynamic Therapy Solution was built for Therapists, by Therapists - we know just how much this can begin to drag a person down. The fix has arrived - your contract home health therapy company needs Dynamic Therapy Solution!
"I've doubled my business in 3 months and reduced my error rate by 80%!"
Find out how it helps your staff and clients:
Therapists (PT, OT, ST)
Nursing Companies

Stay on Top of Your Bottom-line

We are taking the leg work out of stat tracking for you. Do you need to know how many missed visits a therapist had this past pay period? No problem. Wanting to find out how many Physical Therapy Evals you did for a certain nursing company? No problem. We have all the reporting you need to keep your business running at 100%, built into our service. Below you will find just some of the features that help to improve your bottom-line:
• Scheduling Tools
• Real-time Visit Totals
• Communication Tools
• Productivity Monitoring
• Invoicing Tools
• Submit Payroll Easily
• Missed Visit Reporting
• Mileage Accounting
• Effortless Auditing
Other Important Features:
• Monitor frequencies of your therapists.
• Monitor & avoid therapists treating outside of the current cert period.
• Provides calendars to easily visualize frequency & cert periods.

Therapists (PT, OT, ST)

In the contract Home Health Therapy field it is important to remember that your patients are your #1 priority. Sometimes with all the red tape and paperwork - it is easy to get caught up in all the processes. With Dynamic Therapy Solution you can get back to treating your patients and letting us take care of the rest. No more worrying about getting notes delivered in time to get paid, your notes deliver themselves!

With our paperwork - there is no need to have specific paperwork for each company. Now instead of running around trying to make copies and doing clerical work to try and get paid - Dynamic Therapy Solution allows you to just go see patients. Finally a solution to keep your supervisor off your back about schedules, late paperwork and payroll. We make your life easier.
"As the evaluating therapist, I can address any issue with therapists or nurses - anytime... anywhere."
Find out how it helps your boss and clients:
Nursing Companies

Stay on Track With Integrated Tools

Wondering how you can maximize your day, reduce paperwork errors and stay on top of your caseload? Tools. Tools. Tools. Provided with scheduling, communication and productivity monitoring tools - you can become a valuable therapist with unlimited potential. Below you will find just a few ways we can better your performance:
• Scheduling Tools
• Communication Tools
• Real-time Visit Total Tools
• Legible Visit Notes
• Electronic Note Delivery Daily
• Quick and Easy Payroll
• Mapping Tools
• Phone & Address Records
• Certification Reminders

Nursing Companies

Contracting out Home Health Therapy is becoming more and more common for Nursing Companies. Late paperwork and strained communication are just a few of the problems that seem to always be a constant battle. Our goal is to make these issues a thing of the past. We shifted the focus back on the patient instead of hunting down therapists & paperwork.

Dynamic Therapy Solution has developed the only on-line printable paperwork solution including scheduling, communication along with a quick and easy-to-use referral system for contract home health therapy. Tired of receiving referrals via fax, only to end up on the phone translating someone’s handwriting? Wish you did not have to spend hours on the phone and fax machine trying to get contract therapists to turn in their paperwork? These are problems of the past - say hello to the future... Dynamic Therapy Solution.
"It's an easy-to-use system, no more late paperwork from contract therapists. I love it!"
Find out how it helps your contract therapy providers:
Therapists (PT, OT, ST)
Home Health Therapy Admins


Dynamic Therapy Solution has put together tools to help take the worry out of contract Home Health Therapy. Our integrated tools will allow for your Nursing Companies to view on-line referral history, print paperwork, billing history, complete records of their patients including a list of Medicare expiration data for the therapist treating their patients. So, when State walks in the door, they can quickly show them they are on top of that kind of data without having piles of non-updated personnel files. With these communication tools you will streamline the relationships between your nursing companies and your therapists. Below you will find some of the tools and features that help to improve your contract Home Health Therapy:
• Refer Patients Online
• Print Notes Daily Online
• View Active/Inactive Records
• Digital Invoice Reports
• EASY Auditing
• JCAHO & Medicare Compliant
• Coverage Area Maps
• Monitor Weekly Schedules
• Patient History Totals