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Product Overview

We are THE solution to your contract home health therapy needs!

Our Software was built for Therapists, by Therapists - so your problems were our problems. Before we created Dynamic Therapy Solution, we spent our time dealing with the issues that you and your fellow therapists are dealing with now. Our goal was to build a system that would take away the hardships that Contract Home Health Therapists face daily.

Dynamic Therapy Solution was developed by a Home Health PT and used by contract therapy companies working for multiple nursing agencies. All Home Health Electronic paperwork is included, along with online patient records. Medicare, CARF, JACHO, CHAPS, HIPPA compliant. Centered around a point of care system - and don't fall for those systems using expensive air-cards to use in patient homes! Our system works in an offline & online version, so you don't have to have an internet connection while you are out in the field.

Below you can learn more on the features and benefits we have built into Dynamic Therapy Solution:

Competitive Advantages

Complete paperless system
Therapists Function Autonomously
Manage in Real Time
Increased Productivity
Decreased Errors

Administrative Tools

Automatically Monitor Therapist Credentials
Dynamically-Driven Payroll
Productivity/Quality Assurance
Tools, tools & more tools!

Information Access Via Web

Nursing Agency
(whomever you choose to give access)

Business Support

Web Administration
Business Consultation

Complete Paperless System Includes

All Discipline Specific Evaluations
Daily Progress Notes
Missed Visit Forms
Communication Notes
Staffing Sheets
Discharge Summaries
Supervision Re-Assessment Notes
30-Day Re-Assessment Notes
Re-Certification Evaluation Forms


The most important element of Dynamic Therapy Solution is the fact that it is an online based service for the Home Health Therapy field. What this means to you and your clients? From the moment a Nursing Agency decides to send you a referral for therapy - everything starts and stays online. Nurses send referrals online - you receive the referral online, send it to a Therapist for evaluation and that Therapist can send it on to an Assistant. From the beginning, everything to do with the patient can be found online in the patient's record. The referral history, all the documentation, nurses & therapists involved and any other information you might need. Even after discharge, your data is saved and will be available to both you and the nurses to view.