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Our product is simple. Your therapists need to work - and they need a software that gets them from point a-to-point b, as quickly as possible. Documentation, scheduling and keeping track of functional reassessments should be a staple in software solutions these days, if you are not getting those key features now with your current software... we need to talk.

Let’s talk about a few of the features that set us apart from the next guy.

contract therapy software - complete offline version for rural areas. affordable contract therapy software - pricing that changes with your therapy business. contract therapy consulting - a complete team of consultants for your therapy staffing business. audit your therapy company - tools to help with auditing a contract therapy company
No flakey 3G/4G air-cards that seem to never live up to the hype. A true offline version that allows therapists to see patients without a worry about internet connectivity while in the field seeing patients. Slow months mean lower bills. If you are doing more business, then it will result in a lower price per visit. We understand the industry fluctuates and we offer a pricing that does as well. We all have questions, but all to often the only people we know to ask are the same people we are competing with. You now have a team of consultants helping you jump any hurdles you face. Find all patients nearing 30-Day reassessments quickly. Need a report of patient with lapses of care - easy. All the data is there for you to pour though quickly and act on any situation needing attention.
protect your contract therapy company - contracts, legal documents and more home exercise program for staffing companies - built in HEP. technical support for contract therapy companies - utilize full tech support for therapy companies. use tablets, ipads, android tablets and more with your therapy staffing software.
Protectng your business is just as important as providing top of the line therapy. If you don’t keep an eye out for those that could jeopardize your business - you will fail. We have you covered. You shouldn’t have to pay for an exercise program when you already are paying for a software to streamline your business. We provide an excellent exercise program built right into the software. No outsourcing. No transferring. No long hold times. Talk to the same person every single day if you want and know that person understands the urgency of your situation and the industry as the way you see it. Tablets are becoming the go-to device when it comes to the workplace. Lots of people already have an iPad or Android tablet - so we ensure we are 100% compatible with the latest technology.

quality features designed by physical, occupational and speech therapist for your contract home health therapy company.
online demos of contract home health therapy software - set one up today!
You have searched, you have read and you have decided that perhaps this is a product that is worth giving the once over. Smart choice. All you have to do now is fill out the information below so that one of our awesome spokes-people can contact you and find a mutual time for a demonstration. It should take about an hour or so - depending on how “into it” you are and all your questions should be answered by the end of it.
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simple pricing

Our pricing is based around one variable...

simple pricing for contract therapy software - visit based structure.

Wondering about our sales approach?

We are not used car salesmen.salesmen that aren't salesmen - contract therapists selling software to you!
No bait & switch. No hassling. Honest opinions and honest assessments.
We have taken all the things we hate about sales and made sure we try not to do any of them. So you won’t be getting 900 phone calls, emails or faxes telling you we can carve another percentage off the top or throw in some fuzzy dice - instead you will get our lowest price, guaranteed.

scheduling, accounting, billing, payroll, documentation, online, offline, syncing - everything you need in your contract therapy software system
30-Day tracking Automated billing & payroll Digital documentation
Affordable pricing Knowledgeable support Easy scheduling
Ease-of-use overall Tablet-friendly system Quick note delivery
consulting for contract therapy companies just like you!
OASIS SOC/ROC/FU/DC Save/Edit Notes Admin Note Approval
Business consulting Legal business documents Free upgrades
Outcome focused PDF upload & download Loads of audit tools
User-driven updates Free marketing tools Custom website creation
Hardware support Negotiated tablet pricing HR/Credential component
Custom accounting On-demand custom reporting In-system messaging

You made it to the bottom of the page. That is all we have for you. If you want, you can read our archive (click here), it has some of the info from our past website on it - but you should have a pretty good idea by now what we are about. We would love your business, however we understand it is a big decision and not one you should take lightly. Give us a call if you have a minute and we can answer any questions you might have. Here is our number: 866.635.3505

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