Dynamic Therapy Solution will be selling home health therapy software at CSM 2008!

Software To Manage Your Contract Home Health Therapy Business

Dynamic Therapy Solution has the leading home therapy software product which is specifically designed and built for therapists working for multiple nursing agencies. It is designed for online(web-based) and offline (no air card needed) use. We have cutting edge technology that allows for system syncronization of electronic notes along with any changes made to the electronic patient record while in the field. What this means is no need for expensive "air cards" that cannot be relied upon.

Dynamic Therapy Solution is a SaaS (Software as a Service) which is Medicare/HIPPA compliant and what this means is that you pay one fee for intial setup and licensing of your system and a low monthly fee for EVERYTHING else! No extra unexpected charges for hosting fees, costly tech support expenses or mandatory upgrade charges... it is all included in the service. We have real electronic signatures, not a pin code or rubber stamping of signatures. No faxing or emailing of notes.

The customers which you give access, can print their patient's notes off of your website and view the electronic patient record for schedules and frequencies (no downloading software or special equipment needed). They can see which therapists are involved in the care and even send them secure internal messages.

Our software provides three portals for access:
1)therapy company administrators 2)therapists and 3)nursing agencies.

Click here to view the features & benefits of all three!

Manage Your Business
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Real-time Visit Totals
  • Communication Tools
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Invoicing Tools
  • Easy Payroll Management
  • Missed Visit Reporting
  • Mileage Accounting
  • Effortless Auditing
Ensure Stability
  • Your Very Own IT Team
  • "In The Field" Hardware Support
  • Software Support
  • Business Consulting
  • Marketing Materials
  • Legal Documentation
  • Therapy Business Networking
  • No Expensive Air Cards
  • Electronic Documentation

See for yourself how easy it is to automate your Home Health Therapy business - and END your paperwork nightmares.
Our Latest Home Health Therapy Software
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Intergrated Exercise Program
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More Than Just Software

You have likely heard the term "software as a service" or SaaS used lately when dealing with online solutions to business. It is a term used rather loosely these days by every software company on the block. The problem is, the service they are offering is basically technical support (which should be a part of the deal anyhow).

At Dynamic Therapy Solution we actually provide a service beyond your normal tech support. Read some of the many services provided when you become a customer.
Access To IT Professionals
Not sure which computer to purchase for your home office? Maybe you don't know which virus protection to use, or how to install it. Regardless the issue, you now have your very own IT Support Team to bounce everything off of.
Legal Documents to Protect
Protecting your business is important and that means you have to be sure you have the right forms and legal documents in your tool box. Legal documents can be expensive and time consuming if you try them yourself. We have these as part of our package for no additional cost to you.
Business Documents
We provide you with a template of all Medicare required items needed. We give you job descriptions, applications and other templates so all you need to do is hire the staff and our software will control the rest for you.

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