Dynamic Therapy Solution will be selling home health therapy software at CSM 2008!

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Dynamic Therapy Solution provides software for home health therapy.  Start a business today!
The benefits of owning your own business are limitless. Imagine going home and being able to play with your kids, sit down and have dinner or just be able to sleep at night without worrying about the next day. Dynamic Therapy Solution is offering a way for you to do just that, by owning your own contact home health therapy company for a startup cost of less than $5,000. Never has there been such an affordable way for entrepreneurs to get started in a proven profitable business.
Dynamic Therapy Solution offers business consulting as part of the purchase of the software program, which is something other software companies do not offer. As part of the monthly fee, you will have access to our team of business professionals to help with any concern your contract home health therapy business has. Whether you and your company needs help to educate the nursing agencies you work for or your employees need help using the system in general - we offer solutions for you.

Utilize Dynamic Therapy Solution's Network of Professionals

We want your business to grow and be as successful as possible, by using our system. Included in the cost of our business solution - you will have access to our preferred nursing agency network currently using our system in other areas. This can help you seek out nursing agencies familiar with our system and garner relationships with those companies based on our proven success with the system in other areas.
Dynamic Therapy Solution also has several customers strategically based in points throughout the U.S., so therapists relocating to areas that have our software in place can easily transition into new companies. If you are looking for a therapist in a certain area - we can pull from our resources and do our best to offer any therapists we have experience with in that area. If you have a therapist that is relocating to a new area that has done exceptional work for your company - you can recommend that therapist to other companies to help benefit their business.

Computer Consultants To Help With Changing Technology

Every 6 months the computer industry surpasses itself. It is tough trying to keep up with trends, technology and your business at the same time. Our team of computer technology experts can lend a hand to everyday purchases, suggest products proven in the field and help you find the best solution to your technology questions. Easily you could pay thousands each month for a "on-call" computer consultant - with Dynamic Therapy Solution... you have a computer consultant team at your beck and call.

Dynamic Therapy Solution Has Your Legal Documents

One of the most expensive parts of business is consulting a lawyer for legal advice each time that something comes up. In order to make this portion easier and more affordable for potential business owners - Dynamic Therapy Solution has created generic contracts that come up in everyday activities of a contract home health therapy business owner. These documents are based on your needs including but not limited to:
- Nursing Company & Therapy Company Contracts To Protect Your Business
- Lease Agreements For Your Laptops In The Field
- Documents That Include PT/OT/ST Job Descriptions, Applications & More
- Links To All Rules and Regulations Via The Internet

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