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Features & Benefits For Your Contract Home Health Business

Our system streamlines your business on many levels. Not only does it bring stability, continuity and consistency across the board - but it also has specific benefits for each user in the system. Click the pictures below to view specific benefits for each person involved in your day-to-day success.
Click the picture below to see the benefits for each person involved in your system.



Nursing Agencies
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More Than Just Software

You have likely heard the term "software as a service" or SaaS used lately when dealing with online solutions to business. It is a term used rather loosely these days by every software company on the block. The problem is, the service they are offering is basically technical support (which should be a part of the deal anyhow).

At Dynamic Therapy Solution we actually provide a service beyond your normal tech support. Read some of the many services provided when you become a customer.
Market Your Business
Many of our customers have doubled their business since purchasing the software. Having access to our software, you will have all the proven tools needed, along with the guidance from a real live professional that has been in the business for many years to bounce your ideas off.
Business Documents
We provide you with a template of all Medicare required items needed. We give you job descriptions, applications and other templates so all you need to do is hire the staff and our software will control the rest for you.
Access To IT Professionals
Not sure which computer to purchase for your home office? Maybe you don't know which virus protection to use, or how to install it. Regardless the issue, you now have your very own IT Support Team to bounce everything off of.

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