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Deciding to use a SaaS (Software as a Service) to handle the management of your contact home health therapy business is not a decision that should be taken lightly. That is why we provide the information to you, so making that decision can be as easy as possible. Knowing the pros and cons, getting the answers to big questions and knowing what it will take to get started, all help to determine whether our system is for you.

We know you will love the system, we know it will solve the majority of your problems - but whether it is feasible for your company at this time is the hard part. Use the materials to the right to aid in discussing Dynamic Therapy Solution in your next meeting.

After you discuss it with everyone, set up a free online demo!
Materials & Downloads

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If you would rather just print the documents from your web browser and go the paper route, use these pages.
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More Than Just Software

You have likely heard the term "software as a service" or SaaS used lately when dealing with online solutions to business. It is a term used rather loosely these days by every software company on the block. The problem is, the service they are offering is basically technical support (which should be a part of the deal anyhow).

At Dynamic Therapy Solution we actually provide a service beyond your normal tech support. Read some of the many services provided when you become a customer.
Access To IT Professionals
Not sure which computer to purchase for your home office? Maybe you don't know which virus protection to use, or how to install it. Regardless the issue, you now have your very own IT Support Team to bounce everything off of.
Legal Documents to Protect
Protecting your business is important and that means you have to be sure you have the right forms and legal documents in your tool box. Legal documents can be expensive and time consuming if you try them yourself. We have these as part of our package for no additional cost to you.
Guidance For Your Business
Running a Contract Home Health Therapy company isn't easy. We have been in the business for years, so we have seen a few things. Learn from our mistakes, instead of making them on your own.

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